Self-Publishing Today

Print-on-demand technology has opened up a new world for authors. You can now self-publish your book quickly and easily instead of relying on traditional publishers. You get more control over the finished product, and your book will be available to readers worldwide. You’ll receive royalties from your book sales without spending thousands of dollars up front for a print run.

But you still need your book to look professional and attractive. Ideally, readers (and potential vendors such as local bookstores) should not be able to tell that it was self-published. You’ve done the hard part – the writing – but the presentation is still important, especially from a marketing perspective. An appealing cover and clean interior design will help ensure your book’s success. That’s where I come in.

From Manuscript to Book

I take your completed manuscript and transform it into a finished book. I take care of all the little details on the inside – page numbering, chapter headings, font selection, proper margins – as well as creating an eye-catching cover that will look great both on a bookshelf display and as an image on a website. Very few designers offer both interior formatting and cover design!

My work is customized to the specifications set by KDP (formerly Createspace), the print-on-demand branch of KDP will provide an ISBN, print your paperback books, and sell them internationally on, as well as fulfilling orders from bookstores and libraries. You can choose from many different trim sizes, two cover types and paper colors, and upgrade to a color interior if desired. Aside from ordering an initial proof copy, they don’t charge any up front costs and you are paid royalties via direct deposit on a monthly basis. (If preferred, I can also work with other print-on-demand companies such as Lulu and Blurb.)

Comprehensive and Affordable Design Services

In addition to designing your printed book, I can also proofread and copyedit it thoroughly, convert it to Kindle format (which will be available to purchase online for a variety of e-readers), and/or create a WordPress site to match your book, which you can use as a website or blog to promote your work. I will also help guide you through the process of setting up a KDP account and uploading your book for printing.

As a self-published author myself, I know how challenging it can be to strike out on your own with your writing. That’s why Winged Words offers a complete set of services to address all your needs, and for a substantially lower cost than other book designers. Let me help you turn your manuscript into a polished, beautiful book that you can be proud of, inside and out.