Meet the Designer

My name is Kate Winter. I have been writing and making books since I was a child. My senior project in high school was a very limited run of a poetry chapbook, which I copied and bound at Kinko’s in vinyl and tape, and hand-decorated each cover. The first edition of my first full-length book, Kharis, was printed by Cafepress as a perfect-bound paperback, with no ISBN, and had to be sold by word of mouth alone. I also worked with some of the early print-on-demand companies on behalf of friends, such as iUniverse and BookSurge. Then Createspace arrived and I have been using them (now KDP) for my own projects and for clients ever since.

I am an autodidact in most aspects of my life, and taught myself the skills I needed for this work as I went along, such as graphic design, layout, formatting, web design, etc. Some things, like copyediting, came naturally to me, considering the vast amount of reading I do on a regular basis (mostly non-fiction – though I have a penchant for young adult fantasy novels). I also have an inordinate love of typography and archaic words.

I have thus far published six books (some of which are shown below) as well as one instructional booklet. I am always working on various creative projects. I live in Eugene, Oregon.

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